In detail, the Romanian club Dinamo Bucharest signed a contract last February

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Press reports alleging that a player’s twin would participate instead of his brother in the Romanian Football League caused a huge uproar on social media platforms, despite the player in question and his club denying these allegations.

In detail, last February, the Romanian club Dynamo Bucharest signed Guinea-Bissau international defender Edgar Eyi (30 years old), after a busy career with various clubs in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, France and Turkey, most notably Spanish Barcelona, ​​who played for its first and reserve teams.

The Romanian press noted several indicators that raised doubts about the identity of Edgar I, in light of his low technical level, his speaking only Portuguese and his lack of proficiency in English, and he did not give the club a driver’s license when requested to give him a car from one of the team’s sponsors.

According to the Romanian press, after research and investigation, it became clear that Edelino – who is the twin brother of Edgar Iye – is the one defending the colors of Dynamo Bucharest, who was quick to deny these allegations completely and in detail.

The Romanian club said in a statement: “We confirm that everything that was circulated is a lie and slander… Dynamo Bucharest contracted with Edgar Iyi through a player agency recognized at the European level, and the player obtained an international transfer certificate issued by the Turkish Federation, and it was verified by the Romanian Federation.” And FIFA.”

Dynamo Bucharest was not satisfied with that, but threatened to sue the media that published “fake news and caused serious damage to the club’s image,” while Edgar Iye described the press reports that talked about sending his identical twin Edelino to play instead of him with his team as “fake news.”

Questions and sarcasm

The “Shabakat” program – in its episode on (5/14/2024) – monitored the interaction of the virtual networks’ audience regarding the incident, with some expecting that the two brothers would be subjected to harsh penalties – if these reports were true – while others touched on what they described as “the club’s negligence in verifying… The identity of his new player.

In this context, Soha Al-Rifai commented on the incident, saying: “What is this behavior, whether it was from the main player or the twin brother… Irresponsible behavior that will cause problems for the players and the club and other complications for the players’ contracts.”

In the same vein, Ali questioned the professionalism of the Romanian club’s management, saying, “It is reasonable for the club not to reveal the player’s identification papers, identity, birth certificate… I think the penalty against the club will be great, because it is impossible for them not to identify him.”

Heba Ahmed, in turn, seemed sad for the player and his future in the world of football, saying, “Oh haram, I swear I am sad for the player.. I will definitely receive a lot of penalties (a series of penalties)… In addition to the fact that his reputation has been damaged, and he is running around all day to get out. With a good contract.”

As for Yara, she was present with sarcasm and sarcasm in her response to what happened and said, “The resemblance is very great, and there is really no difference between them and a good idea, so they started the team talking lip-service.”

It should be noted that the Romanian club may face a deduction for the 8 points it obtained in the last 5 matches, in which Edelino was said to have participated in the name of his brother Edgar Ii, noting that the Romanian Football Federation intends to resolve the issue through a DNA analysis. .