Problems and crises surround the 2024 Olympic Games before they start next summer.

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Problems and crises are surrounding the 2024 Olympic Games before they start next summer, the latest of which is the strike of garbage collection workers in Paris and their threat to strike during the tournament if they do not receive the rewards assigned to them.

The French newspaper Le Monde said that about 400 garbage collection workers in Paris began a strike on Wednesday to demand a reward for the Paris Olympics, which will be held in the French capital this summer.

The waste treatment, water, sanitation and health services sector, which is part of the General Confederation of Workers in France that represents the sector, said on its website that it is demanding an Olympic bonus of…
One-time €1,900 ($2,055) for garbage collectors, sanitation workers and other health service workers, in addition to a €400 increase in their usual monthly salaries.

Le Monde indicated that the strike is expected to continue during the next three days if an agreement is not reached, with the sector threatening to take further labor-related measures at later dates.

Earlier this year, the sector said its workers might go on strike during the Paris Olympics unless demands regarding wages and working conditions were met.

France will host the Olympic Games from July 26 to August 11.

The main events will take place in and around Paris, and are expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors.