Tottenham have not known their way to the podium for 16 years, and the London club has remained far away

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Tottenham has not known its way to the podium for 16 years, and the London club has remained far from winning championships during the reign of owner Daniel Levy, despite including the best players and contracting with the elite coaches in Europe, such as the Portuguese Jose Mourinho, the Italian Antonio Conte, and the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino.

Tottenham won its last title in February 2008, when it won the English League Cup after winning (2-1) over Chelsea.

Since then, eight coaches have coached Tottenham, all of whom failed to achieve any titles for Spurs, even though it was staffed with stars such as Englishman Harry Kane, Frenchman Hugo Lloris, and Korean Hun Min Son.

What is noteworthy is that the coaches, especially Mourinho and Conte, succeeded in achieving championships with other clubs in their coaching careers, but they completely failed with Tottenham.

Most coaches agree on one thing, which is that they do not know the secret of Tottenham’s failure to win titles.

Since 2008, Tottenham has been able to qualify for the Champions League final in 2019, and reach the League Cup final in 2014-2015 and 2020-2021, in addition to runner-up in the English Premier League in the 2016-2017 season.

Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino took charge at Tottenham on May 27, 2014 and led the club to the League Cup final in his first season, but lost the title to Chelsea.

The following year, he led the club to qualify for the Champions League after obtaining third place, which is considered the best position the club has achieved in 26 years.

The Argentine contributed to the team’s continued participation in the Champions League, and led it to the final of the tournament in 2019, which it lost to Liverpool by two clean goals.

Under Pochettino’s leadership, Tottenham received a lot of praise as one of the strongest Premier League teams in recent years, but did not win any title during his five years with the club and was dismissed after 5 seasons.

Mourinho’s disappointment

In November 2019, the Portuguese appointed Jose Mourinho as Pochettino’s successor, but the London club dismissed him after only 17 months due to a decline in results.

Mourinho finished his first season 2019-2020 with Tottenham in sixth place with 59 points. That season was marred by many crises that coincided with the spread of the Corona epidemic.

The “Special One” played 86 matches with the London team in all tournaments, during which he achieved 45 victories, 17 draws, and suffered 24 losses.

Mourinho, nicknamed the coach of cups and titles, achieved during that short journey more than a negative number that he had never achieved before throughout his long coaching career.

The Portuguese coach achieved the worst winning percentage in his career with Tottenham, at 51.16%, while his worst number before that was 58.33% with Manchester United.

For the first time since coaching Porto in 2002, Mourinho failed to win any title with the team he led.

Mourinho’s last health claim was that he won “half a title” with Tottenham after leading Tottenham to the English Football League Cup final, but he was sacked one week before the match.

Mourinho says, “The only club – in my professional career – that I have completely isolated myself emotionally from is Tottenham.”

He added, “Chelsea, Porto, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United… all of these clubs have a place in my heart.” The relationship will remain as it has with other clubs, except with Mr. Daniel Levy’s club.”

Conte’s dissatisfaction

Conte took over the technical leadership of Tottenham in November 2021, succeeding Nuno Espirito Santo, with the aim of leading the club to win championships, which had been absent from its coffers since 2008.

He succeeded in leading the team to qualify for the Champions League in its first season, 2021-2022.

Tottenham put their hopes in Conte, who won the league title with Juventus, Inter, and Chelsea, to end a 15-year period without titles.

Although some considered it difficult for Tottenham to pass the game in Europe, Conte knew how to instill in his team the mentality that allowed them to win over Arsenal in the last gasp race for the last qualifying card for the Champions League competition (2021-2022).

However, the deterioration of the results in the local cups and the exit from the quarter-finals of the main continental competition against the Italian Milan (0-1 in the first leg and 0-0 in the return), led to a cooling in the relationship again between the club and its coach.

Conte always felt that he was not suitable for Tottenham; His demands, way of working, and impatience are at odds with the way Levi works.

Conte led the London team in 76 matches, achieving 41 victories against 23 defeats.

Tottenham put an end to its tense relationship with Conte by announcing the termination of the contract with the Italian coach in March 2023.

However, Conte launched a fierce attack on Tottenham players, accusing them of selfishness and lacking a fighting spirit, and also criticized the club’s legacy.

He added, “Tottenham are accustomed to not playing for something great. They do not want to play under pressure… It is the story of this club. Levi has been here for 20 years and has not won anything. Why? Is the club or the manager to blame? I have known all the directors who have passed through the club, because the time has come for change if Tottenham has any intention of changing.”

Conte eventually left the team while it was in fourth place, qualifying for the Champions League, 10 stages before the end of the season.

Angie Postecoglou

When he took over as coach of Tottenham in June 2023, the Australian coach was hoping to repeat the success he achieved with Celtic when he won the Scottish League title in the past and current seasons, in addition to winning the Scottish Cup last season, and the League Cup twice.

“I may not be keeping up with what’s happening, but that doesn’t matter to me,” the Australian said. All I care about is winning.”

He said, “Whether inside or outside the club’s walls, I think it is an experience we learned from, and it may pave the way for us to be a winning team.”

But this tone of optimism clearly faded and became more evident in his statement following the 2-0 loss to Manchester City on Tuesday evening.

In response to a question about whether his team’s performance gave him confidence in the foundations laid by the club, Postecoglou said, “I think the past 48 hours revealed a lot to me and revealed how fragile the team’s foundations are.”

English media claimed that “a Tottenham employee asked Postecoglou – before the Man City match – to play for the youth team in the match, which angered the coach and made him question the club’s culture.”

He repeatedly expressed his surprise that the team’s fans might be happy about the loss to Manchester City due to the impact of the result of this match on the league title, with some of the club’s fans going so far as to celebrate with City fans.

The defeat ended Tottenham’s slim hopes of occupying fourth place qualifying for the Champions League.

Tottenham started the season at the top of the Premier League and now needs one point in its last match against Sheffield United (relegated to the first division) to ensure fifth place in the European League next season.