Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usyk was crowned the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world with his victory

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Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usyk was crowned the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world by defeating Briton Tyson Fury in the fight that brought them together on Saturday evening at the “Kingdom Arena” in the Saudi capital, amid a large audience attendance during the Riyadh Season activities.

Usyk maintained an undefeated record in the world heavyweight championship to impose himself as the heavyweight king, and won the four belts in the battle to unify the titles of the most important international organizations in the world of boxing, which are:

  • World Boxing Association
  • World Boxing Council
  • International Boxing Federation
  • World Boxing Organization.

It seemed that Fury imposed his dominance after the first half of the fight, but Usyk regained his balance before things came under the control of the Ukrainian boxer during the ninth round.

In the fight, which was attended by a number of sports and artistic figures, the boxers were clearly cautious as they exchanged successive punches, and as soon as they entered the third round, Fury tried to land more blows with clear evasion from Usyk and major intervention from the referee to break up the illegal clash.

Caution continued on the part of the boxers, but amid a clear advantage for Fury, until the eighth round, which Usyk entered with a strong attack from the beginning, in which his hopes revived amidst the shouts of the audience, and he continued until the 11th round with the same strength after he almost decided the fight in the tenth round, in which Fury fell, which made the referee Counting on until the British boxer returned to the fight.

The final round witnessed an exchange of blows and early attempts at decisiveness, but the split decision of the three judges was in favor of Usyk winning the fight with two referees to one.

Ukraine war

After the defeat, Fury said that sympathy for Ukraine was the reason the referees awarded his rival (Usyk) a narrow points victory in their match for the unified heavyweight title.

The British boxer called for an immediate rematch.

Fury said in an interview after the fight inside the ring, “I think I won the match.” I think he won a few rounds, but I won most of them… His country is at war and people sympathize with the country that is at war, but make no mistake, I won this confrontation.”

“I’ll be back,” Fury, who was previously undefeated, added. “I have a rematch clause.”

Promoter Frank Warren said in the ring that another fight between Verwey and Usyk is certain.

“That’s what the contract says,” Warren added. This is what he wants. This is what Usyk demands and calls for.”

After an exciting fight that lasted 12 rounds in which both boxers achieved success, many fans of this violent sport will have the opportunity to see them compete again, especially after Usyk succeeded in turning the tide of the confrontation in his favor.

“We will return to our families and I will meet him again in October,” Fury said. Rest assured, we will be back. I see that I won the fight, but I will not sit and cry and make excuses. “We will play again.”

In response to a question about the possibility of facing Fury again, Usyk (37 years old) responded clearly, as he said, “Yes.” naturally”.

This is the first fight to unify the world heavyweight belts in 25 years, making Usyk the first unified world heavyweight champion since Briton Lennox Lewis achieved the same feat in 1999 by defeating American Evander Holyfield.