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3 meaningful children’s stories written among the most beautiful things you will ever read to your children

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In the world of stories, children’s stories shine like a bright, shining star in the middle of the sky, sitting on the throne. Purposeful written children’s stories are considered a constructive tool for a child’s strong personality and a motivating factor for developing his imagination, creativity, and expanding his awareness.

This collection of meaningful written children’s stories represents an ideal way to enrich children’s sleeping experience and teach them many meaningful values ​​and good morals in very fun and exciting ways. It also helps our children unleash their imagination and explore other worlds.

The first story:

In a small city, there was a little girl named “Bushra.” She had a small, compassionate heart with people, birds, and animals around her. She lived with a family who loved her very much. They were always happy to give her many beautiful gifts for her. Her bedroom was filled with many things. Toys with cheerful colors. As for “Bushra,” she was always happy to share her beautiful toys with her friends.

From time to time, she would make her friends happy by giving them some of her beautiful toys, and these moments were the happiest moments of her life when she saw a smile imprinted on her friends’ faces because of her simple act. Bushra found happiness in her friends’ smiles that filled her little heart, as if she had done something beautiful that could change the world around her.

One day, “Bushra” remembered that it was the birthday of her close friend, “Shaima,” which she had never celebrated before due to her parents’ limited livelihood. So “Bushra” decided to make something special for her beloved friend, so she asked her mother to make her a beautiful cake like she always does. She explained to her that she wanted to surprise her friend and arrange her birthday party in an organized and beautiful way.

She took all the money out of her piggy bank, bought her a beautiful, brightly colored doll, and went with her mother to her friend’s house. There was a surprise that brought joy to her heart. She felt at that time that she owned the universe and everything it contained. When her old friend saw her, tears flowed from her eyes out of joy. This was the first time anyone remembered her birthday and even celebrated it.

Since then, they have become two closest friends in the entire school, and they have supported each other to be the most skilled students in the school.

The moral of the story:

The secret of true happiness lies in giving and giving to others who are most in need, and the true secret of happiness lies in our hearts when we make those around us happy and put a smile on their faces.

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The second story:

One day, there was a little girl, about twelve years old, who was walking in the forest, and suddenly she found a somewhat strange place. She felt from within her an urgent desire to discover what was hidden behind this earth.

She found a piece of metal and started digging with it. She was surprised to find a very old and corroded box. She spent a long time extracting it from the ground. After a lot of fatigue and suffering, she was able to pull it out. Once she opened it, she was surprised to find a lot of gold inside.

Although she was shocked by the amount of gold that she found inside the box, she had made her decision regarding the gold that she found. She was barely able to take the box to her home, with the trick of placing it on a small cart and pulling it until it brought it to the house, and hid it well, and collected all the information necessary to build an entire school complex. Comprehensively, she wanted to bring education into the minds of the people of her village and the neighboring villages.

Indeed, with the help of her parents, who helped her realize her dream and were not obstacles in the way of her giving and her love for helping everyone around her, the child was able to build the complex and spent all the contents of the fund on its construction, providing it with the latest equipment and building it according to the latest international methods. The opening took place and everyone who was able to help contributed without hesitation, and now Everyone in the village and neighboring villages have the utmost respect, appreciation, and good deed for the little girl and her family.

The moral of the story:

The beauty of giving, and that money is not everything in life, and that a person among us is nothing but situations that leave behind memories that are passed on to him after him.

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The third story:

In one of the villages, there was a dog that everyone who passed on the road suffered because of its harm. It would turn around behind the passer-by without making a sound or warning and bite it bitterly.

Everyone started complaining to their owner, who became despondent and despondent about the condition of his dog, and could not do without him because they lived in an area far from the homes filled with people and residents.

The dog owner asked for a solution to the point that he did not mind getting rid of his dog if necessary, but a wise man helped him and advised him to put a loud bell around his dog’s neck.

In fact, the king followed the advice. Every time he tried to get around a passerby, he heard the sound of the bell and became very careful of the dog. The dog became so distracted by the bell and its beautiful voice that he began to walk, bragging about the bell, and forgot about the passers-by.

One day, the dog went with his owner to the market, and there he saw an old dog. He was amazed at what he was doing and how proud he was of the bell around his neck and how proud he was about it. The old dog approached him and said: “Why do you brag about something like this?”

The poor dog did not understand the meaning, so the old dog approached him more and said: “We have known that the bell is placed around the neck of one of our dogs when a person wants to limit his harm! What were you doing to make your owner try to limit his harm to you?!”

Since then, the dog changed its behavior in such a way that its owner rewarded it and decided to get rid of the bell around its neck, and Mar never complained about it again.

The moral of the story:

We all make mistakes. In the end, we are human, but the biggest mistake is not admitting our mistakes and not trying to correct them.

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