A new feature in Android to detect the moment your phone is stolen

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Google is revealing a group of new security features with the launch of the second beta version of “Android 15,” including a feature that can detect the moment the phone is stolen from your hands. Some of these updates will be included in the “Android 15” system when it officially arrives this fall, but the theft detection feature and some other features will be available for phones running older versions of the Android operating system, which will make them available to a larger number of people, according to what was reported by “The Verge” website. “.

The “Theft Detection Security” feature works by recognizing strange movements that indicate that someone has snatched your phone from your hand or from in front of you on the table, for example.

So that the thief cannot access the information on your phone, the screen turns off automatically. The system also looks for any other signs that indicate tampering with the device, and will be able to lock the screen to protect it if someone tries to remove it from the network to prevent remote access.

Google also offers a new way to lock the phone’s screen remotely if it is stolen, by visiting the Android website from here, then you can enter your phone number and respond to the security test to lock your device, which is a useful tool if you only have a friend’s phone at that moment.

These features will arrive later this year via a Google Play Services update for phones running Android 10 or later.

Android 15 also introduces new security features, including “private spaces” that allow you to place applications and information in a separate, hidden space on your phone that can be secured with a unique personal identification number.

As happened last year, the latest version of Google’s operating system occupied a small space in the opening speech of the I/O Developers Conference that the company held two days ago, because its focus was entirely on the new artificial intelligence features that it will offer in its various services.