An attempt to divert attention and question intentions.” South Africa criticizes Israel’s response regarding “escalation

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South Africa criticized Israel’s arguments on the issue of genocide in Gaza, at the International Court of Justice hearing in The Hague, with South Africa’s Zain Dungor saying: “Refuting what South Africa is trying to assert is essentially an attempt to deflect attention, and to place blame and political suspicions on… South Africa’s intentions.

“What we heard today was not really a fact-based engagement,” said South Africa’s Director-General of International Relations and Cooperation, Zane Dingor. “There is some interaction based on the facts, but it is not really a refutation of what South Africa is trying to assert, it is mainly an attempt to disparage and place blame on South Africa’s political intentions.”

“What we hope is that the judges will actually look at the strength of our case, not only now, but also in terms of our responses to our written submissions as required by the courts, because we believe our intention here was really to highlight the key concerns around international crimes,” Dungour added. Especially major crimes, and here it is genocide in this case.”

South Africa had submitted a request to take interim measures and amend previous measures, in relation to Israel’s military operation in Rafah on May 10.

Israel told the UN Supreme Court in The Hague that the South African case “makes an outrageous mockery of the concept of genocide.” Lawyer Tamar Kaplan Turgeman defended Israel’s behavior in Gaza, claiming that it allowed the entry of fuel and medicine.

South Africa told the court on Thursday that the situation in the blockaded sector had reached a “new and horrific stage” and urged the judges to issue an order ordering a ceasefire.

In response to the case filed by South Africa on December 29, 2023 against Israel, the Court of Justice on January 26 ordered Tel Aviv to take “measures to prevent acts of genocide against Palestinians and improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.”

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