An unprecedented alert and hunt in France for an escaped prisoner nicknamed “The Fly” after the killing of two officers

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Hundreds of police officers in the Normandy region of France are still searching for the armed attackers who ambushed a prison police truck, killing two prison officers, seriously wounding three others, and freeing the prisoner they were escorting.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal said in Parliament: “We are tracking you, we will find you and we will punish you. You will pay the price for your actions.”

Prisoner Mohamed Amra, known as “The Fly,” was in a deportation truck returning him from the court in Normandy to prison yesterday, Tuesday, when a car rammed the prison truck and stopped it near a toll station on a highway.

Armed men opened fire on the police truck, killing two prison officers and seriously wounding three others.

Paris Public Prosecutor Laure Picot said that the two cars used in the attack were found burned in two different locations, while Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti reported that one of the two officers who fell victim to the attack “had a wife and two sons who were preparing to celebrate their twenty-first birthday in two days.” .

While the second officer, who was killed in the accident when he was thirty-four years old, left behind a wife who was five months pregnant.

Amra, who was known as “The Fly,” was being held in Val-de-Ruel prison, in the city of Rouen near Paris, and appeared before a nearby court before the ambush.

For his part, French Interior Minister Gerald Dramanin confirmed that the police were searching for “criminals in every way,” and said that “unprecedented” efforts had been made. Hundreds of policemen were mobilized to search for the escaped convict, Mohamed Amra, and the attackers who lurked in the prison truck that was transporting him.

Speaking to the media today, Wednesday, Darmanin added that this attack was a “cold-blooded barbaric” practice, stressing that about 450 police forces in Normandy were assigned an “unprecedented search” mission.

French President Emmanuel Macron also said that everyone is “doing their best to find the perpetrators of the attack.”

What do we know about the “fly”?

French media reported that Amra (30 years old) tried to escape from his prison earlier this week by using a saw to cut the iron bars of the cell.

He was convicted of robbery on May 10, and Marseille prosecutors also charged him with kidnapping resulting in death; It is said that he had ties to the powerful “Black” gang in the city.

He had been detained in separate prisons in Marseille, Paris and Rouen, during legal proceedings against him on charges of theft, which resulted in him being sentenced to 18 months in prison.

He had 13 previous convictions for fairly minor offences, including driving without a licence, theft and refusing to stop at the request of traffic officers.

But his involvement in the death of a man from Dreux, near Rouen, who was kidnapped in Marseille, in actions linked to drug trafficking, indicates his involvement with more serious criminals.

His lawyer said that Amra knew about the transfer from prison to court, and “may have informed others about it.”

It appears that his accomplices were aware of the transportation details because they were waiting at the toll point on the highway.

For her part, Umm Amra said that she did not notice any signs before the attack that he might try to escape, stressing that “he is not talking to me.” “He’s my son, but he doesn’t talk to me about anything.”

“France is drowning in drug crimes.”

The violence of the attack, which was widely reported on social media, shocked France, and prison workers held moments of silence on Wednesday outside prisons in Paris and elsewhere to commemorate the officers who were killed.


This attack also came on the same day that the French Senate published a report warning that France was “drowning” in drug crimes.

The report noted an “explosion in supply and demand” in the illicit drug trade, warning that “there is no part of the national territory or any social class that is not at risk of drug crime… The drug trade is infiltrating everywhere and the violence associated with it “.