Biden accepts to face Trump in two debates and mocks his busy trial schedule

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US President Joe Biden and his rival in the 2024 elections, former President Donald Trump, agreed to hold two presidential debates in June and September, after ambiguity that lasted for several months, as it was not clear whether they would meet in any debate.

CNN announced that it will organize the first debate on June 27 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Biden and Trump also announced that they had agreed to hold a second debate on ABC on September 10.

Biden (81 years old) said on social media, “As I said… at any time and in any place.”

The Democratic president agreed to hold two debates, while his Republican rival called for more than two and for the debates to be held in a very large place “for purposes of suspense.”

Biden mocked Trump (77 years old)’s preoccupation with his trial sessions currently underway in New York in a bribery case, saying in a video message, “I heard that you are available on Wednesdays.”

The Biden campaign repeated the same phrase, printed it on T-shirts and offered it for sale in the campaign’s online store.

Reuters said that the US President’s acceptance of the two debates shows that he is willing to take a calculated risk to boost his support rates in opinion polls in a race in which he lags behind Trump in key battleground states because voters are still concerned about the issue of his advanced age and his handling of economic affairs.

For its part, Agence France-Presse indicated that both the Democratic and Republican candidates arranged the debates away from the Debate Management Committee, which has handled this matter since 1988.