Borrell talks about signs of fatigue in American diplomacy

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European Union foreign policy official Josep Borrell said that American diplomacy in the Middle East has begun to show signs of “fatigue,” and he once again criticized the ongoing Israeli war on Gaza for more than 7 months.

In a speech he delivered at Stanford University in California and published on Tuesday, Borrell added that he sees fatigue on the American side in terms of continuing to engage in the search for a solution, saying that they are “trying with the Arabs to push for the two-state solution to be a reality.”

In this regard, the European official called on the EU countries to make more efforts towards establishing a Palestinian state, noting that European countries, including Spain, Ireland, Slovenia and Malta, announced that they intend to recognize the Palestinian state.

In his intervention at Stanford University, Borrell commented on the vote of the United Nations General Assembly last week in favor of granting full membership to the State of Palestine, saying that it showed a great division in the European Union over Gaza, in contrast to what is the case with the war in Ukraine.

Borrell renewed his criticism of the Israeli war on Gaza, saying that Gazans are dying, starving, and suffering to unimaginable degrees, and described what is happening as a “man-made disaster,” referring to Israel’s responsibility for what is happening in the Strip.

Although the European official expressed positions supportive of Israel at the beginning of the war on Gaza, he later made statements that included criticism of the Israeli military campaign that caused tens of thousands of casualties, most of them civilians.

Last Thursday, Borrell urged the Europeans not to sell weapons to Israel in order to push it to stop the continuous bombing of Gaza for the eighth month in a row. In March, he accused Israel of causing famine in the Gaza Strip and using starvation as a weapon of war.