By singing and playing the guitar in a club in Kiev.. Blinken to the Ukrainians: “We are the free world

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The battlefield is witnessing a noticeable decline in Ukrainian forces due to the lack of military supplies despite the western expansion of Kiev since the start of the war

To the beat of rock music, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sang in a club tonight in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, played the guitar and swayed as well.

This comes in the midst of Blinken’s visit to Kiev on Tuesday, where he sought to rally the morale of Ukrainians who are facing a new Russian attack. Blinken stressed Washington’s permanent support for Ukraine and that the billions of dollars in American military aid provided to Kiev will make a qualitative difference in the field, according to Blinken.

Moscow’s renewed offensive in Kharkiv is the most significant border incursion since the early days of the war – and comes after months in which the nearly 1,000-kilometre-long front line has not budged.

Analysts described this moment as one of the most dangerous moments for Ukraine since the start of the comprehensive Russian invasion in February 2022.

Before being invited to the stage and performing his song, Blinken told the audience that the United States and the “free world” stand with Ukraine.

Blinken then launched his singing talent and played the guitar strings by performing Neil Young’s song “Rockin’ in the Free World,” which Young sang in 1989.

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