Families of prisoners: Netanyahu leaves our children to face death and the time for talking is over

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The families of prisoners held by the resistance in the Gaza Strip demonstrated to demand the release of their relatives and an immediate end to the war, and called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down, while the former director of the Mossad said that Netanyahu was deliberately not reaching an exchange deal.

The families said – in a statement – that “Netanyahu must be prevented from making the decision alone,” noting that “Netanyahu’s government has abandoned our children and the only way to save them is to stop the war immediately.”

In a press conference she organized near the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense in the Kirya area in the city of Tel Aviv, she called for “Netanyahu’s immediate removal from power, because he is leaving our children to face death,” and called on Defense Minister Yoav Galant “and the rest of the leaders” to remove “Netanyahu from power.”

The families who have been demonstrating for several months attacked War Council members Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, asking, “How much blood will be shed because you do not show courage?”

They called on the War Council to “immediately return the living abductees through an exchange deal,” noting that “the destruction of Hamas and the return of the abductees have become contradictory goals,” and that the government must “stop the war” to return the abductees.

She stressed that “expanding the military operation in Rafah means abandoning the living kidnapped people.”

The Prisoners’ Families Forum said in response to the press conference held by Gantz, in which he gave Netanyahu until the 8th of next month to implement his requests or withdraw from the war council. The time for talking is over, and time is running out for the prisoners, and negotiations must be renewed.

Netanyahu is the only one responsible

A relative of the prisoners said, “We were informed yesterday that the bodies of 3 detainees were found, and more soldiers fell last week in the Gaza Strip, and we are telling the Military Cabinet, we must rescue everyone immediately.”

The families – who have been demonstrating for several months to release their relatives – stressed that “Netanyahu failed to reach an exchange deal,” and addressed the members of the Knesset, telling them, “If you do not remove Netanyahu from power, then you are his partners.”

She threatened that she would demonstrate in front of the Knesset “and disrupt the Knesset sessions,” stressing that her movement would begin next Monday.

In a related context, hundreds of Israelis demonstrated in the city of Rehovot, demanding the conclusion of a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas and the holding of early elections.

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth indicated that former Mossad chief Danny Yatom participated in the demonstration, and said that Netanyahu “is deliberately preventing the return of detainees and ending the war, because that exposes his government to danger.”

Western ambassadors

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a speech to the families of the prisoners in which she said that she and President (Joe) Biden “stand with you.”

For the first time since the start of such demonstrations, the ambassadors of the United States, Britain, Germany, and Austria participated in today’s demonstration.

The US ambassador to Tel Aviv, Jack Lowe, confirmed that his country “continues to press for the continuation of negotiations for the return of the prisoners.”

Lowe pointed out that “Hamas must release them so that we can focus on achieving stability and building peace in the Middle East,” he claimed.