Government Media Office in Gaza: The Israeli army killed more than 100 scientists and academics

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The government media office in Gaza published a list of the names of more than 100 scientists, academics, university professors and researchers who were killed by the Israeli army in the Strip.

The office stated in a statement that the Israeli army “killed more than 100 scientists, academics, university professors, and researchers during the ongoing genocidal war on the Gaza Strip for the eighth month in a row, in a clear message from it that aims to completely eliminate scientists and researchers in the educational sector.”

The statement added that more than 103 universities and schools were completely destroyed, in addition to 311 universities and schools partially destroyed.

The statement condemned these assassinations that targeted scholars, academics, university professors and researchers, who represent a distinct group in Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip.

In its statement, the office called on universities and educational sectors in all countries of the world to “condemn this crime, which falls within the framework of the crime of genocide.”

The Government Media Office placed full responsibility on Israel and the American administration for what it considered a “historical crime,” saying: The occupation kills and assassinates scientists and the American administration is engaged in genocide, and they even contributed to the continuation of this war, which claimed the lives of more than 120,000 victims, including martyrs, wounded, and missing persons. And he is detained.”

In an infinite toll, the death toll in the Gaza Strip rose to 35,303, and injuries to 79,261, since the start of the Israeli war on Gaza on October 7th. Most of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have been displaced since the fighting began.