Hezbollah deploys an operation to target and control an Israeli spy balloon operating unit

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The Lebanese Hezbollah published pictures showing the process of targeting and controlling the management unit of one of the Israeli spy balloons in the Admit settlement in northern occupied Palestine.

The pictures showed that the unit and its operating crew were targeted with 3 shoulder-fired missiles, the first hitting the management and control unit, the second hitting the operating crew, while the third hit the launch unit.

The video explained details of the targeted area, indicating that it belongs to Unit 869, which is responsible for military gathering (information) on the Lebanese border, and operates a “Skystar 330” airship that carries out medium-range intelligence operations.

The clip dealt with the reconnaissance process that preceded the targeting and landing, explaining that the balloon was raised to fill an intelligence gap in Wadi Dalam after the Lebanese resistance destroyed the “Cobra Hill” spy equipment.

After the bombing of the management and control unit, the video showed the balloon going out of control and landing in southern Lebanon.