Israeli media: A soldier was arrested for threatening a military mutiny in Gaza

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Official Hebrew media reported on Sunday that military police arrested the masked Israeli reserve soldier who appeared in a video clip in which he said he was from the Gaza Strip and threatened a widespread military rebellion.

On Saturday, a masked Israeli soldier who said he was serving in the Gaza Strip appeared in a video clip, threatening a widespread military rebellion if Defense Minister Yoav Galant decided to bring the Palestinian Authority into Gaza, or withdraw from the Strip, which prompted the army to order an investigation into the incident.

The official Israeli Broadcasting Authority said on Sunday, citing an unnamed military source, that the suspect has been arrested and is being investigated by the military police.

She added that the suspect in the mutiny video actually served as a reserve soldier, and is being investigated to find out whether he actually filmed the video during military service.


For its part, the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth quoted the aforementioned soldier’s niece as saying, “My uncle has been in the reserve since October 7, and he told the truth that he served with the rank of reserve soldier.”

She denied what was reported in the Israeli media that the whole matter was just a charade, and that the one who appeared in the video was not a soldier and that there was someone moving him, and she said, “No one sent him and in fact he is not an actor. What appeared in his possession was his weapon, and he did not borrow it from anyone.” .

Yedioth Ahronoth revealed that the aforementioned soldier had previously written posts on social media attacking the Israeli military leadership and the demonstrators, including the families of the detainees.

The soldier said in the clip that appeared on Saturday, “I and 100,000 reserve soldiers will not hand over the keys of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, Hamas, or any Arab entity.”

He called on the Minister of Defense to resign, adding, “You cannot win the war, and you cannot lead us or give us orders.”

Addressing Gallant, he added, “If we do not go to victory, 100,000 reserve soldiers will remain here.” We won’t move from here. We will call on the residents of the State of Israel to come to Gaza under the protection of our army.”

A threat to Gallant

The soldier revealed the vindictive tendencies prevailing within the Israeli army by saying, “We want to kill everyone who celebrated our slaughter, all the young children who trampled on the heads of our fellow soldiers in Gaza. None of these people will remain alive, and you, Mr. Gallant, cannot do that.”

He added, threatening the Minister of Defense, “Here I am telling you. Either you change your record and realize that we want victory, or we will go with the Prime Minister only, and we will only follow whoever decides that we must win.”

According to Maariv, the video caused shock within the Israeli army, and the son of Prime Minister Yair Netanyahu circulated it on his account on Telegram.

Haaretz newspaper reported that what the speaker said in the video, in addition to its publication by Yair Netanyahu, may constitute a criminal offense related to spreading sedition, which carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison.

For his part, an Israeli army spokesman said that the behavior documented in the video is a serious violation of the orders and values ​​of the Israeli army, and constitutes suspicion of committing criminal crimes, according to the same source, adding that the head of the military prosecution ordered the opening of an investigation by the military police into the incident.

The spokesman said that, given the seriousness of the incident, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy directed a dialogue to be held with soldiers and commanders at all levels.

For months, what appeared to be a disagreement between Defense Minister Gallant and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the future governance of Gaza has been surfacing.

In his latest form, Gallant warned of the repercussions of Israel moving towards establishing military rule in Gaza, calling for finding a Palestinian alternative to Hamas that would enjoy Arab acceptance, only to be subjected to fierce attacks from extremist ministers in the government and calls for him to resign.