It exceeds the salaries of most Major League Soccer teams.. Revealing Messi’s annual salary in…

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Argentine Lionel Messi, the star of Inter Miami, is the highest-paid player in the American League ever, as his annual salary amounts to more than $20.4 million in his first full season, according to the Major League Soccer Players Association.

Messi, who moved to the United States in the summer of 2023, earns a base salary of $12 million, plus $20.4 million in guaranteed compensation.

These numbers cover what Messi receives from his MLS deal, which runs through the 2025 season, including any marketing bonus, but they do not include any additional agreements with the team or its affiliates.

In addition, Messi receives money from his deal with Adidas, a sports supplies company, and a share of revenue from the MLS digital streaming service, meaning his total annual profits at Inter Miami could range between $50 to $60 million.

Messi’s annual earnings with Inter Miami are much higher than those of his former teammates in Barcelona and current ones in the Florida State team, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

While Busquets receives $1.5 million in base salary and $1.77 million in guaranteed compensation, Alba receives $1 million in base salary and $1.25 million in compensation.

Messi’s salary with Miami exceeds all Major League Soccer teams except for three other teams, as Miami leads the league by paying salaries amounting to $41.7 million, that is, double all the teams, except Toronto ($31.4 million) and Chicago ($25.1 million). and Nashville, which amounts to $21.4 million.