Meshal: The resistance is fine, and Gaza’s steadfastness changed the world

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The head of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) abroad, Khaled Meshaal, said today, Saturday, that the resistance in the Gaza Strip is fine, and has the ability to continue the battle against the occupation army, stressing that Gaza’s steadfastness “changed the region, the region, and the world.”

Meshaal added – during an online speech at the “Flood of the Free” conference, which began today in Istanbul – that “our enemy is pursuing us everywhere, and it is an open battle with him… and the message comes to us from proud Gaza that the resistance is fine and has repositioned itself everywhere.”

He stressed that “the popular incubator, despite its pain, is steadfast and rallied around the resistance. They are all patient and loyal to the resistance, sacrificing what is dearest to them.”

He pointed out that “the world is changing, and Gaza changed the region, the region and the world, and revealed the originality in humanity and the spirit of our nation.”

He continued, “Today we are faced with a scene that inspires in us confidence in victory. This change in the regional and international arena says that we are the victors and the outcome is ours. We see the enemy retreating while he is defeated, and the dispute moves to his internal ranks due to frustration, because he is accustomed to being victorious in quick battles in days and weeks, but he is fighting for 8 months in Gaza and its incapacity, this sends a spirit of determination to us.”

Three-way plan

The Hamas leader also spoke abroad about future requirements that must be met “to defeat Israel and dismantle the Zionist project,” and he summarized them in 3 steps.

Addressing the audience, he said, “The first step is to continue what you started from the first moment through activities. Continue your jihad with money to support the people in Gaza, feed and shelter them, support the mujahideen, and sponsor their families. We want the return of millions and the institutionalization of the street in the Islamic world.”

He added, “We want the masses of the nation to remain in the streets, and declare their anger against the Zionists and their loyalists in front of the embassies. We want continued anger to stop this aggression, and the flood of media continues its message, word, and positions. We want the Palestinian narrative to reach its limits in all forums.”

He went on to say, “We want the law to prosecute murderous criminals.” We stand with South Africa, as do Turkey, Libya, and Egypt, and we want other countries to join the battle to pursue the Zionists everywhere, and for the flood of students to continue.”

Regarding the second step, Mishal said, “We want to engage in the battle of jihad, and we want the nation to engage entirely in the battle.” This is our responsibility as long as we are facing an opportunity for liberation, and the enemy is reeling. We are required to make a major shift with the flood of jihad and the nation.”

Regarding the third step, Meshaal said, “A flood of political pressure and sit-ins that say one word is required, and it is time for the aggression to stop.”

He explained, “There are political positions from Arab and Islamic countries and from other countries, but what is required today is a broad political front that confronts the Zionists and the American administration, which is still aligned with him despite its disagreement with him, supports him with tools of destruction and does not abandon his protection despite his crimes.”

He stressed that “the Arab and Islamic countries can and are capable of leading the front,” as he put it.

It is worth noting that the opening session of the “Flood of the Free” conference in Istanbul witnessed the presentation of video clips and speeches from a number of Hamas leaders, and a prominent speech by journalist Tariq Mustafa, who lost nearly 30 of his family in Gaza.

The conference – which continues until tomorrow, Sunday, with the participation of representatives from 60 countries – comes at a time when the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip continues for the eighth month in a row, leaving more than 35,000 martyrs and 79,000 wounded, most of them women and children, and an unprecedented famine and humanitarian and health crisis. According to what is confirmed by international and international reports.