Military expert: Israel does not have a military vision and the resistance is waging a successful guerrilla war

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Military expert Colonel Hatem Al-Falahi said that the Israeli forces currently present in the northern Gaza Strip do not have a specific mission or a specific military goal, indicating that the occupation army determines its operations according to the attacks launched by the resistance.

He added – in an analysis of the military scene in Gaza – that the resistance factions do not have fixed locations because they are waging a guerrilla war whose goal is to exhaust the occupation army, basing his talk on the successive military operations deployed by the resistance to target Israeli vehicles and soldiers.

He explained that the occupation forces are currently stationed in dangerous places because they are full of narrow streets and alleys that give the resistance the opportunity to launch lightning and rapid attacks, stressing that what is currently happening is the destruction of the morale of the Israeli fighter.

He pointed out that the death toll may be equivalent to half the announced number of wounded, which reached 95 in one week, and said that booby-trapping operations had increased in a way that put the occupation forces in a dilemma.

Regarding the expansion of operations in Jabalia, Al-Falahi said that it is a pointless step because the resistance will not wait until the Israeli forces come to attack it, stressing that the occupation army has begun to lose the “tactical achievements” it achieved during the past months, as evidenced by the fact that it has returned to the areas from which it left months ago.