Normalization meeting.. Morocco is turning into an important factory for Israeli military marches

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Experts say that Morocco aims to develop a military industry in which the production of drones has become much easier than the production of armor or tanks, which require highly advanced manufacturing processes and infrastructure.

Morocco is expected to soon join the circle of African countries that manufacture military drones, which includes Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria, according to the French newspaper Le Monde, citing the Israeli company Bluebird Aero Systems, which will soon begin work on its production unit that was established in Morocco.

The drones that will be manufactured in Morocco are “Thunder Bee” and “Wonder Bee,” according to the newspaper, quoting the director of the Abraham Peace Accords Institute in Israel, Asher Friedman. The drones will be designated for reconnaissance, intelligence, and target detection.

Le Monde also reported that the SpyX drone, which appears to be a suicide attack aircraft, could be manufactured.

The price of the aircraft was not revealed, but the Emirati company “Edge”, which was classified by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in 2019 as one of the 25 largest arms production companies in the world, last year offered 27 thousand euros for a suicide drone.

The newspaper also stated that the drones in Morocco will be designed to confront Algerian military capabilities, and to anticipate the operations of Polisario Front fighters, which are supported by Algeria and have been fighting in Western Sahara for several decades.

Morocco has strengthened its military cooperation with Israel since the normalization of relations between them in December 2020, and Israel has become the third largest arms exporter to the Kingdom, after France.