On his third foreign trip after reassuming the presidency, Putin arrives in Uzbekistan

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Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived on Sunday in the capital of Uzbekistan, where he is scheduled to hold talks with President Shakai Mirziyoyev, which are expected to focus on deepening relations between the two countries.

Putin laid a wreath at the Uzbekistan Independence Monument in Tashkent, and held what the Kremlin said were informal talks with Mirziyoyev. The official meeting of presidents is scheduled to be held on Monday.

This is Putin’s third foreign visit since his inauguration for a fifth term in May. He first went to China, expressed his appreciation for the proposals made by Kane for talks to end the conflict in Ukraine, and later went to Belarus, where Russia has deployed tactical nuclear weapons.

The Kremlin said that before visiting Uzbekistan, Putin and Mirziyoyev discussed a range of bilateral cooperation issues, including trade and economic relations.