The FBI interrogates an Israeli historian on suspicion of supporting Hamas

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Israeli historian Ilan Pappe said that he was interrogated for two hours by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the United States on the grounds of his support for Hamas.

Pappe added in a post on his Facebook account yesterday evening, Wednesday, that two members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation interrogated him and seized his personal phone during the interrogation.

He continued that he was surprised by the questions he was asked, such as: “Do you support Hamas? Do you think that Israel committed genocide in Gaza?” What is the solution to the conflict?

The Israeli historian said that other questions were asked to him, including: Who are his Arab or Muslim friends in the United States? How long has he known them? What kind of relationship does he have with them?

He pointed out that the two security personnel had a long phone call with people believed to be Israeli officials, explaining that they allowed him to leave after copying all the information on his phone.

On March 8, Ilan Pappe, a member of the Islamic Human Rights Committee (based in Britain), stated that the Israeli attacks on Gaza may be the darkest moment in Palestinian history, saying that what happened will be recorded in history as the beginning of the end of the Zionist project.