The governor of Khartoum announces a night curfew in the capital

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The Governor of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman Hamza, announced a night curfew and the closure of all shops, cafes or any other activities, due to the security conditions and current conditions in the state.

The decision, which was published by the official Sudanese News Agency yesterday, Monday, stated that the governor, Ahmed Othman Hamza, issued an emergency order, according to which he announced a curfew and the closure of all shops, cafes, or any other activities, from ten o’clock in the evening (20:00 GMT) until five o’clock in the morning. It is also prohibited Roaming for people and vehicles in the state from 11 pm until 5 am.

He returned the decision to declare a curfew to “the security conditions and current conditions in the state and to preserve the lives and property of citizens.” He pointed out that the emergency order applies within the geographical borders of Khartoum State.

The decision also stipulated that the authorities of the regular forces and the prosecution are working to implement and enforce this order, seizing means of transportation suspected of violating it, prohibiting and regulating the movement and activity of people, the movement of objects and means of transportation, arresting suspected persons, and inspecting places suspected of violating it.

The decision included penalties for violators with imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or a fine, and doubling the penalty in the event of repetition.

The curfew decision comes as battles have continued since April 15, 2023 between the army led by Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the Rapid Support Forces led by Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (Hemedti), most of which are concentrated in the capital, Khartoum.

While El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state in western Sudan, has been witnessing for weeks battles between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, in an attempt by the latter to control the city, which hosts about 800,000 displaced people.