Video: One of the busiest and most modern airports in Brazil sinks under floodwaters

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Experts have warned that the state of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil may face severe floods for weeks to come, which will exacerbate the suffering of half a million residents forced by devastating floods to leave their homes.

This week, large parts of the state capital, Porto Alegre, were flooded, including the airport, which will remain closed “indefinitely.”

A statement said: “Operations at Porto Alegre Airport remain suspended indefinitely. Currently, we do not have an estimate of flood damage. “After the water recedes, we will be able to assess its effects on the airport infrastructure in detail.”

The Civil Defense said in an update on Saturday that the death toll had risen to 155 people, while many others were still missing. More than half a million people were also displaced.

Governor Eduardo Leite said initial damage estimates suggested rebuilding would cost at least 19 billion Brazilian reais ($3.7 billion), according to reports.

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