Watch: Protests in front of the European Union headquarters in Brussels against the advances of the far right

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Thousands of Europeans demonstrated on Sunday evening in front of the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, after expectations that far-right parties would achieve significant progress in the elections.

Avaaz, a global organization that fights for environmental issues, human rights and freedom of expression, organized a musical performance on the steps of Parliament.

Patricia Martin, an Avaaz spokeswoman, said: “This could be a historic night for the far right, and we have just a simple message for all Europeans. It is time to unite and fight the far right. “They pray for everything we care about.”

The election results indicate that far-right parties made significant gains in the European Parliament, with voting ending on Sunday.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron called for early parliamentary elections after his party suffered a resounding defeat by the far-right National Rally party.

In Germany, support for the center-left Social Democratic Party of Chancellor Olaf Scholz fell to 14%, and the far-right Alternative for Germany party advanced, which rose to second place.

Millions of Europeans cast their votes this week to elect a new European Parliament, the legislative branch of the 27-member trade bloc, in one of the world’s largest democratic elections.

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