Willis Mountain Climbing Initiative: A six-year-old boy tries to save his family in Gaza

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Gabriel Fares and his family are trying to organize a Willis mountaineering event to help his extended family get out of the Gaza Strip.

Six-year-old Gabriel Fares hopes to raise money to help nearly 50 family members. Emily Fares, Gabriel’s mother, told the Palestinian News Agency: “Many family members were displaced to Rafah and then to Al-Mawasi, where they live in miserable humanitarian conditions. They now live in a tent without food, running water, or electricity.”

Emily Fares added: “Right now, it is difficult to contact them. They have to walk long distances to get an internet signal, which is dangerous in itself.”

Mrs. Fares said that she and her husband are trying to receive family members in the United Kingdom, under the Family Reunification Law in Exceptional Circumstances, without the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responding.

A spokesman for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said the FCO does not comment on individual cases: “We have helped more than 300 British nationals, British government staff and their families to leave Gaza.”

Gabriel’s initiative received positive reactions on social media, and his efforts also seemed to resonate positively with the public figures he met.

Gabriel trains for a mountain climbing mission every weekend, and prays every night, hoping that the initiative will succeed in saving family members in the Gaza Strip.

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